Here’s the bottom righthand corner of By a Woman’s Hands.  You can more easily see the 1/4″ logs on the log cabin blocks.  They start out at 3/4″ (with two 1/4″ seams that leaves 1/4″ finished) and the outer edges are raw.  Below that is the last part of the saying and a cutout of a young girl hand sewing.  The lace is just beautiful, I don’t know what kind it is or it’s age but I do know I love it.


In this photo you can see the 1″ crackerbox blocks across the top, two pieces of a vintage white ruler with an optometrist lens between that has “create” decoupaged on it and the bride below.  On either side are simple appliques, is it still applique’ if it’s glued?  You may also be able to read the first two parts of the saying, “From a woman’s soul, through a womans eyes”  Beautiful graphics from an old sheet music book surround her.