This frame started out a horrible turquoise, thickly painted with some sort of yellowing finish, ugh.  Even so I could see the wood from the back and liked the shape (don’t have much opportunity to create art for oval frames).  I stripped most of the paint and instead of finishing the job completely decided to call it a color wash.  :o)  Then an application of stain brought out a copper tone from the wood which made the color wash look like verdigris, I love it when things I don’t plan work out so well! 

Inspiration for the art came from a vintage melon applique’ quilt.  Even though I did turn under the melon edges as in traditional applique I decided to “glupplique” (glue applique) the 1″ pieces so I didn’t have to sew them down.  The background is a page from an old Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog.