miniature dresden plate

“Miniatures are much more difficult to sew than regular sized quilts.”  Says who?  The miniature quilt police?  Not everyone will enjoy piecing them, it’s true, but they are not so different from large quilts that you need to be afraid.  The fear factor connected with miniatures seems to be based on nothing but the unknown.  I haven’t done it before therefore it must be hard to do.  Not.  Remember: fabric doesn’t bite. 

I use the same 1/4″ seam, the same thread, fabric, needles and patterns.  Because I generally sew in 1/2″ finished increments I trim the seams and shorten the stitch length.  Other than that it’s the same, let me repeat that, it’s the same.  Miniatures do have a definite advantage with the cuteness quoitent.  A 12″ Dresden Plate is nice but a 3″ Dresden is downright adorable.  Don’t ya think?