#1 They use less fabric, a fat quarter goes a long-g-g way.

#2 They take less time, a 1″ seam sews up quicker than a 12″ seam.

#3 It’s actually doable to hand quilt an entire miniature quilt in one day, even one sitting.

#4 They have more punch per square inch. A 12″  Dresden Plate may get a smile but a 3″ Dresden will elicit gasps of surprise and delight.

#5 Their smaller size increases their cuteness quotient.

#6 There’s no wrestling with a miniature on the living room floor trying to get it basted. They lay on your lap without fuss.

#7 You can carry around an entire miniature quilt project in your purse for a quick sewing fix or unexpected wait at the doctors office. 15 minutes here and there go a long ways with a miniature.