Why CREATE?  Everyone has something to be passionate about…me?  I create.

Why?  It’s pretty basic. I want to.  Nothing deep or profound there.  From since before I can remember, I’ve made things, always had a project going.  I’ve used different mediums, color crayons at first, all the way up to fabric and paper today. 

I have a need to, I can’t imagine not creating, it’s something I’ve never tried.  I suppose it is a way to express myself. Sometimes it’s a feeling I want to share, or a quote, sometimes it’s simply a fabric or pattern I want to play with. 

Creating makes me happy and brings me joy, even more so when someone else CONNECTs with my art and enjoys it too.  Miniature quilt collages combine all the treasures I’ve collected.  (also provide a legitimate reason to collect more…I’m working!)  Secondhand frames, old papers, miscellaneous trinkets work together in a meaningful way and I find I often learn something when I TRY