Here’s my stash, well, most of it, there are two little stacks not in view.  There is more, a rubbermaid of wool (for no particular reason), some upholstery samples I couldn’t resist (they were free!), a few UFO’s (under a dozen, yea) and scraps. 

A basket, a rubbermaid and a bag full.  Too many scraps, for reasons unknown there are some who think miniature quilts use a lot of scraps.  They don’t.  Big quilts have difficulty eating a bag of fabric scraps.  And so I’ve had to learn how to say a stern NO! and run in the other direction.  I mean, after I gave away two garbage bags (the huge ones for leaves) full and still had more than I could ever use, I had to do something.  They multiply faster than rabbits.  Know anyone who would want some scraps?