I wrote this for our last quilt show, it was placed in front of a makeshift sewing room.  Fabric everywhere, a few sewing machines, quilt blocks, quilting items scattered far and wide, an abandoned vacuum.

Class: Doeslovetosewlia
Genus: Quiltis
Species: Human   

The American Quilters natural habitat is a wellspring of information as to how an American Quilter lives.  Their natural instinct drives them in seemingly many different directions but in actuality it all leads to one purpose: creating beauty with fabric to provide love and comfort to another human.  This creation is commonly known as a quilt.

The first action is gathering.  They go out singly or in groups (which can be dangerous to pocketbooks) to quilt stores which they find by way of a yet to be understood fabric radar.  They will go out of their way to find the perfect fabric which sometimes necessitates purchasing huge amounts just in case.  While this may seem wasteful to others, an American Quilter knows the value of a large stash, it soothes her very soul. 

Deciding on which quilt pattern to use is usually the next action taken.  It may require perusing many books and magazines (which sometimes stimulate the aforementioned first action of gathering) and the consumption of chocolate and caffeine products.  Once a pattern is chosen the creating begins, although at any time an American Quilter may change her mind and alter the pattern to suit her mood or the amount of fabric left.   

The American Quilter has instinctual knowledge that to create a quilt the fabric must first be cut up and then sewn back together.  There are those of the species that don’t always grasp the importance of this, they are called husbands, the exceptions are called wonderful.  The quilt piecing is a ritual performed every minute of every day, 365 days a year by millions of these American Quilters.  They join together in sisterhood at special gatherings called quilt retreats.        

A generous, loving human, the American Quilter is prone to long periods of sewing.  She loves to congregate with others of her kind and will produce more if only left alone by her family.  Although her habitat may seem chaotic there is a method to her madness and a gentle cadence to her movements.  She is at once unique and one of many, wonderful and blessed.