mini quilt sampler collage

I was thinking of those botanical type studies when I created this.  It was alot of fun and so adaptable to any size frame, add more squares, take away squares and then the space between them is also easily changed. There’s an ad from a 1902 catalog, partial old photo, stamp on diagonal text and music, simple.  You could use anything, just keep the sizes the same…or not.  Um, maybe a short key or an antique brooch in the center?  Sew many possibilities!

So what does the title of this post have to do with the above?  Nothing, I just wanted to put up a picture and then I couldn’t help typing about it. But what I wanted to tell you was I came across a webcast of the Houston, TX Quilt Festival the other day. How cool to be able to peek in at this show, I’ve never been, have you? Go here and click on the ruby shoes on November 1.  You’ll be able to see the show floor, events, classrooms and more.  I’m there.