A few of my favorite things to add to quilt collages. Just looking at this stuff gets my mind a’ twirling with the possiblities.

Vintage books, delicate lace, mother of pearl buttons, aged photos, used postcards, miscellaneous metal pieces, optometrist lens, stamps, tintypes, white ruler, the list never ends. There’s always something new (well, not new but something not yet used) to incorporate into a collage, something that looks at home with a miniature quilt.

On a different topic, Leslie asked me the other day when my third book (My Quilting Friends) would be out. Well, I have to get it to the printers first, which has been delayed because I don’t want to learn about ISBN numbers and bar codes. This week though it’ll get going, I’ve got the quote so no more excuses. Soon Leslie, soon.

Oh, and by the way, 15 days til Christmas. Shop on.