This quote is thanks to the Country Lore gals, Donna and Shirley. It’s a keeper.

Border lesson #1. The four Shooflies and the words were done but it was too plain. Didn’t really want to add a whole lot more, I wanted it simple. The left side was heavy, added the dogtooth text which didn’t help at all. So I flipped through a child’s encyclopedia in search of inspiration and on every single page there’s this delicate border. Um-m-m, cut it out and voila! Finishes the right side, keeps things simple, love it! Let’s do more.

Border lesson #2 The delicate paper border worked in this miniature quilt collage as well. No words with this one, it was quiet and just wanted to look pretty.


We’re having a real winter here in Moses Lake but it’s sure beautiful out there, especially from inside the warm house.  :o)  Have a great Monday.