“Here I am, little Jumping Joan, When nobody’s with me I’m always alone.” Little cutie. The photo of the full piece is up on my website for a limited time on the New Miniatures page.

So this is how my brain’s been feeling, jumpy. 15 weeks to go til Quilt Market and I have so much to do, alot of which I’ve never done before. That adds some stress to the storm in my brain. Drapes to flameproof, mailing system to figure out, booth to design, one more pattern to write, design brochure, etc… It would be nice to just make art but I can’t right now.

Luckily I have Debbie, she’s going through the same thing, getting ready for her first time at market. We share info as we learn it and it’s saved both of us brain power. It’s wonderful to have someone as excited and passionate about something as you. I can go on and on about something and she just nods and says I know!!

I’m off to work on samples, brainless to make the same thing over and over but probably a good idea for me today :o) Hope your Monday is productive and peaceful.