“Create” This marks a milestone, #500, that’s a few miniature quilt collages!


“Joy” #501 These are the two pieces I spoke of last week. I can see my seams were wobbly, keeps the squares from being too rigid. At least that’s my take on it. Feels better than saying they aren’t good enough and tossing them in the round file. Criminey, if perfection was the only acceptable standard, I might as well lay down right now.

I did enjoy creating these pieces, their imperfection didn’t get in the way. Along with the misaligned seams I can still see the colors, shapes and message. Makes me think how I hope others can overlook my imperfections and see the good in me. Sometimes it’s easier to see than others, sometimes it messes with my overall design and you have to get past alot in order to find something pleasant. I’m a work in progress I guess, a ufo.

And I have to remember the same of others. When a cross word comes my way I need to remember maybe her seams are wobbly today. She still has beautiful colors, her design has feeling behind it and there’s no need to toss her in the round file. It may not have come out as she intended but the worth is still there. Don’t let the bad get in the way of seeing the good, it just may be that her seams are wobbly today.