One of the things I enjoy about miniatures is that the pieces finish at half the size as they are cut out. Above are two split four patches, one cut out and one sewn, they shrink in size so much…I love that!

In general I sew in half inch finished increments. The cut out pieces are managable, any smaller and it’s not so easy. At one inch there’s a good 3/8″ on the left side of the presser foot to direct the material. That’s enough for a finger, don’t need space for the whole hand, right?

This quilt block is destined to line up with several others on either side of a sweet little applique on a hand towel. It has some machine embroidery although on first glance it looked like a hand crafted piece. The colors are the blue above, faded pink, an light aqua green, almost cheddar yellow, and small spots of red red.

Somehow, already the piece reminds of a darling vintage shirt, a skirt and suspenders. You’ll see what I mean when I post the photo after I finish it. Well, maybe…it could be all in my head.

Have a great week.