Today I’d like to share with you my two favorite miniaturists. They aren’t quilters but their work fascinates me. ME Home Companion featured both of them in their Artist’s Workshop.

The first one, Jennifer Murphy, is a successful creator of tiny creatures, from mice to bears. I love that some of them are so tiny, the vintage treasures she puts with them, how she ages them and they all have their own name. Sometimes I even spy her using fabric that I have, makes me feel special to have chosen it too, silly, I know. And I’m jealous of her studio, I’d want to live there.



And then there’s Christina Goodman, she handpaints miniatures with amazing detail. Below is a pin to wear, not something to place on a wall, to wear. Can you imagine? These are simply incredible.


Have a great Monday and I hope the skies are blue for you too.