Isn’t this lil piggy cute? I spied him in my sister-in-laws closet once and asked why he wasn’t out. Not her thing, but I thought he was adorable so she gave him to me. Tiny tiny stitches, fabric deteriorating, tail not so curly and his other eyeball is falling out so this is his good side.

In self publishing my books I’ve tried real hard to take better pictures. It hasn’t been easy, sometimes it takes 40 tries for one photo and I still have to photoshop it. But I think I’ve gotten better. If you notice in this photo the piggy is clear while the fabric piles behind it are blurry. I learned this here, at Alicia Paulson’s blog. Now her photos are wonderful. The composition, the light, perfect. She recently finished writing a book for a real live publisher and her photos are so good she is also the photographer.

On another note, this weekend I worked on a project for my booth at Quilt Market but it didn’t cooperate…at all. The longer I worked the more hokey it looked, felt like I completely wasted the morning. Nothing but a mess to show for it, which I have yet to clean it up. So, this morning I decided “Off with your head!” I’ll go back to the original plan, which was already completed so I don’t know why I changed it. Argh-h.

Anyways, onward. Have a great day.