Taught a class this past week and one of the gals had some precut vintage 60 degree diamonds. They caught my imagination…I stood there fingering the different fabrics, my mind spinning with the possiblities. Some serious fun could be had with these. First of all her fabrics were wonderful and once sewn you could cut it down, way down! Sew big then cut small. The stars you see here are about 2 3/8″ from tip to tip, machine sewn. I’ll applique them, raw edges and all to a fabric background or…maybe just glue ’em to paper.

In sewing her first block, the third diamond was sewn on wrong, well, that’s what Nancy thought at first. But actually it was an opportunity. She continued sewing in that manner and ended up with a zigzag border to go along the bottom of her collage. Sorry I didn’t remember to bring a camera, I meant to.

And then Kim used modern Amy Butler papers and fabrics with a newer frame and old sheet music in her collage. That was a first for me, the wild colored/patterned fabrics absolutely worked with the sepia toned music. I had to stare at it awhile, it was cool. Maybe I’ll explore using some new with my old.

Next weekend is another class, this time in Bellingham at Two Thimbles. I’m going to bring my camera, I am, I am! I keep meaning to but have yet to remember before I leave the house.

I do enjoy teaching, it’s enlightening to witness the creativity of others. I come away with a new way of seeing things, another lesson learned from the students. Their mini quilt collages are always so different from each other and they have really cool stuff to play with. In this last group Sally had an “old woman in the shoe” charm. It was about 3/4″ long and opened to reveal 4 teeny tiny people, cute, cute. Thanks again Kathy for the fun.

Happy Monday.