Fun weekend and I remembered my camera! Though I did forget about it til the class was almost over I still count it as progress. There were too many things to see and talk about.

Went up to Two Thimbles in Bellingham, WA. For all those reproduction lovers of the Civil War colors take heed, this is a quilt store after your own heart. Don’t usually see this variety of repros, in fact only once before so anytime you are even remotely close it’s worth the extra effort. She also stocks some batiks and novelties and her classes aren’t the same ‘ol run of the mill quilt classes. Anyhow, neat store. Thanks Lee.

This little kitty cat is a spool pet. The back reads, in part, The name of this cat is Miss Kitty, She’s furry and purry and pretty, On one thread she dotes, J&P Coats–the strongest and best in the city! You cut out her front and back and glue to a spool of thread, cute, huh? 1935 or something, couldn’t read it well from the photo.

A few students works in progress. Notice the needle pack below is a War pack.

a students work in progress

In this one notice the maid on the rick rack package and then all the words around the mat…sweep the kitchen and leave it in order, put on your apron, etc.

All in all a fun day with new friends.

Have a great Monday.