paper collage fun

  • “It is better to do the things we were made to do” from the collage above, sorry, no fabric in this one. It’s from an old photo album I played with a little bit, haven’t touched it for months. Anyhow, I think peace comes from living the life we were created for. Sometimes I hit it spot on and other times I shoulda stayed in bed.
  • 10 days til quilt market, I can not express how exciting this is. I’ve never worked so hard to prepare for something in my life and I’m glad to have wonderful friends coming with me to share the experience. 10,9,8,7…here it comes, ready or not!
  • My little Galloping Pony Studio booth and 536 others…how’s that for competition? They sent a layout so you can see where you’ll be, that’s the paper that wowed me. An 11″ x 17″ of the convention center with all the booths…each less than a 1/4″ square! I stared at it for awhile when I first got it, oh my!
  • Started a new pattern this past weekend called Pitter Patter. Can ya guess what it’s about? Kinda obvious. Think I’ll go work on it some more.
  • Here’s a nice little blog to browse through Unwritten if you have a moment.

Happy Monday all.