Okay, let’s do the rest of the photos, in no particular order. First off, the rest of my neighbors. The photo below is taken from June’s website since the photo I took is way blurry. Sorry. But this gives you an idea of what she does.


Debbie, Kathy and her sister Connie in Eagle Nest Designs.

Next is Studio Kat, Kathy and her husband, the only one of my neighbors that wasn’t a newbie. The lady with the perfect bag.

Here’s a group photo in Debbie’s booth, from left to right: Cindi (wonderful quilt store owner), myself, Debbie, Lynda, Karen, Patti and Brianna in front (Cindi’s daughter and an incredible quilter herself)

it\'s all fun and laughter

Lynda had a trick up her sleeve Saturday but would only tell us her sister was joining us for dinner. Apparently trips to and from a wonderful bistro fit perfectly in with her husbands evening of running prom kids around. Lucky us!

tricky Lynda!

The tricky girl herself and Eddy, sweetheart brother-in-law driving.

We had a little too much fun taking pictures and calling husbands…”Guess what I’m doing?”

Love the high ceilings, chandeliers and huge windows!

Yummy drinks with raspberry purree, sooo good.

I got to meet Kathy Brooks! I’d seen her in ME Home Campanion twice. She was surprised I knew her but I love that magazine and she sews miniatures so of course I knew who she was! What fun. Her and three friends are hoping to open a shop soon, I hope that wasn’t a secret! She was so nice and we had a great conversation.

 fellow miniature quilter

Well, I think that’s it for the photos. It was a blast and we met so many people. There were people famous in the quilt world walking around all over the place! Though I’m not doing fall quilt market I will do spring again next year in Pittsburgh and, I think, fall market in Houston…maybe even festival. That last part sounds scary, we’ll see.

If you ever get the chance to go to market, jump on it! Even if you have to work in someones booth, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. See ya Monday.