I still haven’t exactly unpacked everything so I’d forgotten I had this, and I hadn’t taken a photo because I didn’t need to because I had it. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Averinos at market, a fabric designer for Free Spirit, I’d met emailed a few times. She gave me the coolest business card, it’s a 6″ x 15″ screen printed piece of canvas. She said I could cut off the bottom design and make something, cool huh? Here’s a picture of her here, scroll way down, she has short blond hair, you can’t miss her. Look for her fabric SugarSnap in August 2008.

And now, because it feels like so long since I posted a miniature, here’s a little art. Well, actually it’s one of my bigger pieces at 8″ x 10.5″. Vintage greeting card, mini quilt blocks, sheet music, the stars are from sheet music book covers, “to greet you…with blessings and joy”

Happy Memorial Day!