Every once in a while I like to work on something quick and easy, especially when I’ve be doing something like reading yet another ‘for Dummies’ book. This one on QuickBooks. These books are great for learning a new subject, I’m just having difficulty wrapping my brain around it. So when I thought about what I could do that would be simple and easy in preparation for the Buggy Barn quilt show , I remembered the vintage optometrist lens. I like to clean them up and either just package them up for someone else to use or create a little collage necklace. Here are three for your enjoyment.

These little girls are a mere 3/8″ tall and the back (on right) so reminds me of a Christmas ornament.

A cheerful bouquet with the words ‘mighty love’ and the back with a teeny tiny sailboat and green dots. Love paint dots.

The last one ‘love remains’ on a quiet scene of snowy trees with a snippet of vintage lace and a button. So pretty.

See you next Monday.