showing my seams

I’ve been working on things lately that I can’t/shouldn’t blog about. Well, I think that’s the way it is. Shouldn’t be taking pictures and sharing anyhow. I’m not totally clear on proper protocol with magazines. And then I’m also trying to create a dozen projects for a book proposal to a real live proper book publisher, can’t show those. So its been difficult to find something I can post about.

But there is this one magazine that I’ve been waiting over a year to be in. They said it would be the Aug/Sept 2008 issue and I was really excited over it but as time went on I just couldn’t believe it would really happen. Like me getting too excited over it would make it go POOF! and not happen. Weird thinking maybe but it was, ya know, too good to be true. This past Saturday though I received some complimentary copies and it’s true! Three miniature quilt collages are in it! Yea! Whoo-hoo! When my subscribed copy comes, I’ll know its available and will let you know, even if it’s not a Monday! I expect it within two weeks, in case you’re curious.

So that’s my explanation for this Monday’s photo. The backside of a project, showing my trimmed seam allowances! Have a great day!