Here are a few oldies, long gone but remembered fondly. The first one I posted about here, well, I showed the vintage lemoynes I’d found anyhow. I really liked the old blocks and at 4″ they weren’t too big to incorporate into a collage with miniatures. Border fabric was used for the dresdens which were appliqued to the solid blocks. The quote? “We do not remember days we remember moments” Sweet, huh?

 This one, if I remember right, is made from UFO’s.  Across the top was short one Shoofly so I created one out of paper, too impatient to get to the collaging to sew up another one. Below is this really interesting crochet lace with wrapped pink sections, 3 Dresdens, more lace and random buttons. It’s nice to look back sometimes and remember things enjoyed before.

On another note I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with bookkeeping thanks to my new hero Eddy! Maker of beautiful vintage button jewelry and master of numbers. Hm, it’s so nice to finally see the progress all my little, teeny tiny baby steps have made. Still don’t understand most of it but if I can get everything in it’s correct place and pop out accurate reports that’s all I need. Don’t know how the TV works either but I know which buttons to push so it’s all good. I’m so glad and thankful…thanks Eddy!

Happy Monday to all you quilting gals and have a great week!