Hello all. This little one is the only one that didn’t make it into the Home Companion, out of the 4 I sent . So I thought I’d share her here.

Also, something I didn’t know, they do podcasts. Did you know that? Every month they do podcasts with the designers and others in that months magazine. Yes, I’ve done mine, eek. Liz Swaine was very nice and assured me it would be the easiest thing I did all day. While I grant you, it was easy, I don’t know, um, how well I did. Was a little nervous a few times, and had to really strain to hear her so I hope I wasn’t too loud. It was something new thing to try anyhow and I hope when it appears on their website (in a week or so) that you’ll remember it was my first time! And, by the way, you can go here to see other quilters from their Top Stitch archives.

Happy Monday, I’m off to shop…groceries, oh well. See ya.