And O! she was all laden with pretty things for me

We all have one don’t we? I like lists, they help me know where I’m at and with another market deadline approaching there are various timelines for certain projects so market can’t sneak up on me. Deb’s not going this time, bummer, so it’s just me and another brave soul, Eddy. Couldn’t be that bad I guess, she went last time and agreed to go again.

So anyhow, the to do list for this week:

  1. Finish layout for 1st new pattern, figure a name and get to proofreader.
  2. Photography for Vintage Grains (2nd new pattern) I’m terribly excited about this one! It intoduces a new element.
  3. Begin layout for same.
  4. Update website.
  5. Work on last piece for trunk show.

Looking at this list I notice it involves very little sewing and a ton of computer work. My wrist still feels that intense QuickBooks 3 day session a few weeks ago so maybe I should call this the-hopeful-what-my-wrist-can-handle-list. Then if the computer work is delayed I’ll have more sewing time. Oh darn, huh? That’s fine with me.

Inside the box: And the mast were made of gold.

I hope your To Do list has some sewing time built in this week.

Happy Monday to you all!