Got back from the Buggy Barn quilt show yesterday, tired and glad to be home. The class was fun as always, even with the downpour, the hail, and the pop and flash as the transformer blew (not ours, the one across the street) but guess who was in my class?! Carrie from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co!!  What a nice gal, I’d met her at market but had more time to talk in class. And Karen, I think I may have met your twin.

My booth was next to Maggie Bonanomi again, I think I can say her name correctly now. She was signing her new book, With These Hands and sewing away. Her book is so well done and it was neat to know the house you see in the photos is hers, built in the 1800’s.

One more photo and the reason for the post title. Several people told me they enjoyed my Monday posts (you know who you are!) and I just wanted to say thanks, I needed that. I’m sitting here by myself, the dryer is going in the next room, my coffee cup is empty and it’s easy to forget you all are out there. It’s nice to know.

Happy Monday.