Hello all.   ‘Be honest be kind’ was created with some book board piecesbe honest that I’d saved. It wasn’t easy cutting all those books so I was determined to use them someday, some way! There’s a Dresden Plate, a stamp, lace, Broken Dishes blocks and a few other little things.


And then Cloth Paper Scissors, do you know the magazine? Collage, mixed media, artistic discovery. They published my Quilt Study pattern in the September/October 2008 issue.

One thing I’ve noticed about art quilt books or magazines. The instructions for traditional  quilts (which mine are) are thorough and exact while instructions for quilt art (which mine are) are rather vague in comparison. They didn’t want measurements, or which way to press seams and at first I was a little puzzled how to rewrite it without exact cutting and step by step instructions. I have yet to get into a “traditional” quilting magazine because these mini quilt collages are so “arty” (I guess) but I’ve found it is the traditional quilter that enjoys them so much. Hmm-m. Gotta break through that wall somehow. Any ideas? Think, think, think.

Have a peaceful Monday.