We had a Sewing Room Tour last Thursday with my quilt guild, the Basin Piecemakers. There were 4 sewing rooms with refreshments at the last home. I did this once with the Wenatchee guild and it was alot of fun so I organized one for our group here. I highly recommend it!

Anyhow, my room was on the tour and needed some organizing so I worked on it for a day. Got rid of some stuff and rearranged the shelves with interesting things instead of cardboard boxes. It seems to reenergize me to create when my space feels new, even though there’s nothing new in it. Seeing things from a different perspective I guess, and not so much dust doesn’t hurt either.

Love old books! But some of these are so old I don’t know if I can rip them up. Someday I’ll figure out how to use them. And I need to start using more of this vintage sewing ephemera in collages. One of those packages is from 1901.

Before I go, thought I’d let you know the website was updated last Friday. I’m terrible about that I know, should do it far more often. And next Monday I promise to have a new art piece to show you, didn’t have time for one this week.

I’m off to North Idaho to teach a class and do some visiting. Maybe I’ll have a photo to share of a students art piece! See ya next Monday.