Paper: a penny

Color markers: $4

Typical 4 year old drawing…or is it?

My nephew’s title for this masterpiece ~ 3 fast cats on green grass: priceless. Hee, hee, hee, thought this was so clever and funny.  His title made all the difference.


Here’s an art piece from the Sandpoint, Idaho class. Love the way she laid the veil material across the background, she added words after this photo was taken. Note: this gal does not consider herself a quilter, has made only one quilt but sewed up 1.5″ nine patches with no problem.

Another student art piece in progress, I think she was going to put some buttons on later. A nice subtle patterned background.


And finally the piece I promised from last week. In the center is a cigar silk, simple squares and text dots. This is also the only plastic frame I’ve used that I can remember, just loved the design and made it work.  Happy Monday and have a great week.