I forgot my camera again…I must apologize. Some lessons I apparently must learn over and over. Although the first thing that hit me walking into Tater Patch Quilts was sound: the laughter, greetings and murmuring of many women milling around this store. And this isn’t a tiny store. I’ve never seen so many women in a quilt store before, I wondered if there was a shop hop or something going on! It turns out it was their monthly Saturday Sampler. (which explained the 60+ women) Robin and Diane, that comedy tag team, shared new quilty stuff, read customer helpful tips, gave some great simple project ideas and ended with a show and tell which quite a few women participated in. Okay, I’m thinking, I’m impressed.  This is a destination quilt store. Feeling blue? Hang out at Tater Patch for awhile and you’re sure to leave with a smile.  Take a gander if you have half a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

I taught my Miniature Quilt & Collage class there Saturday. Love seeing all the wonderful ephemera everybody brings. Incredible lace, delicate as a spider web and a valance of tatting…that’s alot of tatting!

This one gal was using a line from Moda, Charisma by Chez Moi. I didn’t take notice of it until she had a few blocks done.  They looked old, I look at the fabric again, but it doesn’t look old. Hm, interesting.moda and postcard



She was pairing her blocks with an old postcard which they went perfectly with. I had to come back and look at them over and over. The print is modern, kinda, but not bright. The colors are soft and clear, not muddy, in a shabby chic sort of way.  I’ve never bought fabric like this for myself and after I laid them all out I realized why I like them, they remind me of a watercolor painting. And they go wonderfully, I can’t stress how perfectly the colors go with vintage postcards, cigar silks and calling cards. It’s clear I’ll have to get more of this. Isn’t it fun to find a fabric that works so well with whatever you’re doing? Score!!



Happy Monday!