Heaven is in my hand, and I
Touch a heart-beat of the sky,
Hearing a blackbird’s cry.
Strange, beautiful, unquiet thing,
Lone flute of God, how can you sing
Winter to spring?
You have outdistanced every voice and word,
And given my spirit wings until it stirred
Like you–a bird!

Different for me don’t ya think? Certainly more stuff than I usually put in a collage. Stepping out of my box a little here. All the fabrics are antique and the ephemera vintage, nothing new (as soon as I type that I remember the mat and glass are new but the art is old stuff).

No writing of how it was done, no deadline, no pressure to get print worthy photos. Just creating for the pleasure of creating. It’s refreshing and reminds me of why I make things to begin with. ‘Cuz it’s sooo fun!!



It’s weird how one photo is so much clearer than another, taken only a few seconds apart. Same camera, same position, same settings, both through glass. Must be operator error. Oh well.

Look for another post later this week.  I’ve been thinking about starting “Look what I found Friday” and decided this is the time!

Take care and Happy Monday!