A young man goes avisiting in December 1886.

autograph1Chillicothe, Ohio  Dec. 26, 1886
Mr. Woltz:
May happiness ever be thy lot,
Where’er thou shall be;
And joy and pleasure light the spot,
That may be home to thee.
Your friend, Carrie Baker

And this in purple ink. I guess I never thought about them using anything but black ink to write with way back when. Found this Autograph book awhile ago. I don’t intend to take it apart, but do enjoy looking at the penmanship (wish I could write like that) and reading the poems/quotes.

Sinkingautograph2 Spring Ohio
Dec 28th 1886
Cousin Jesse:
When memory with her golden key,
Unlocks the past please think of me.
Your cousin, Nettie

The stickers are so pretty, embossed with delicate stems and tiny flowers.

autograph4Some of them I’m thinking…what was that about? And the punctuation, sometimes there and sometimes not. Guess some things never change.

Dear Jesse
Think of the cold night
You had the door locked on you
But come again its all right now
Your Aunt Ella M Patton
Sinking Spring
Dec 28/.86 Ohio

autograph5I like this dog, first  imagined it was a pen he was holding but I guess it might just be a stick.

Honesty Square dealing you will
find it the foundation of success
Your Uncle S Patton
Sinking Spring
Dec 28 1866

And finally, the back cover. Are you going visiting this Christmas? How about bringing an autograph book along to document the occasion? I’m glad Jesse did. Wouldn’t he be surprised to learn 122 years later his book is still treasured.

Hm, just realized you can’t enlarge the photos like you used to. Don’t know why, I thought I was doing them like I always have. Something else to look into. Any ideas?

Merry Christmas.