A miniature Log Cabin block in antique fabrics on a World War ordnance map square with the words “my Journey”.


Some more antique fabrics, the bottom ones a bleeder (black squares) I don’t mind. Old lace, think the one is more like machine cutwork, sheet music and a small collection of words. “hope, courage and will”

I just checked out how many art pieces I’ve created this year, only 37. That compared to 2007 – 55 and 2006 – 233. I can easily see when I began writing books and patterns. I think I’ll doing more art again this year, I so enjoy the freedom and joy of it.

I’ve been thinking on 2009 goals, used to call them resolutions. Need to think more about what I want out of the new year. What are your plans for 2009?

Happy last Monday of the year!