What do those have to do with miniature quilt collages? I don’t know, fabric? That’s pretty much it. This first link, at about 2/3 the way down shows you some ironing board art. And if you go a little further on the right side she has a International Quilt Festival, Chicago 2007 slide show.

Next the sculpture, what people do with fabric! I never would have thought to do this that’s for sure. I kinda like the bottom center on the first page. Do you think it would keep it’s shape? And how would you protect it from getting dirty? (cause I don’t exactly dust everyday, week, okay, month)

Anyway, enjoy the brain expansion on the term fiber art or textile painting. It means more than I knew. (I know, I know, no pics this time! Are you okay with that? Some sites don’t like you to take their pics without permission so I’m trying to be a good girl)

Great Friday to you!