A recent thrift store search presented these three paint sample boards. The one on top I’m anxious to work with, it has two rows of paint samples. You can only see one side but the overall effect is dark. I’m thinking a row of minis down the middle, with words (of course) somewhere. These are about 7″ x 16″ so that’s quite a few minis but that’s the plan right now.paintstripes

The center one is different while the bottom one has the two rows like the top. I also found two paintings that I wasn’t too sure of. There are parts that I like but the price was worth it even if I did nothing with them. (which is a possibility!) Another background to consider, and more easily found would be a book cover. And each book has two!  You can leave them attached to each other so it’ll stand on its own. (if it doesn’t, reinforce the spine by gluing paper on it)


Oh wondrous love! Precious promise

Other background possibilities: wood (painted and chipped or stained), old mirror, old quilt piece (front or back), metal grate…pretty much anything that’s relatively flat.

Have a great weekend, hope you get some time to create.