Thank you Sue S. from Ritzville for this wonderful link to Twisted Papers! They are so much more than papers. Take a look.


 There’s Aunt Edna’s Attic with sewing notions, vintage costume jewelry, buttons, comb sets, bridge score cards, and the list goes on.



You’ll find Paper Ephemera, Ribbons, Uncle Henry’s Treasures (which has way cool stuff) and finally Cousin Tommy’s Toy Chest. Oh, and they have CD’s full of vintage images for you to use over and over. So if you live in a little town and haven’t much of a chance to find treasures like these, this is a major score. Love it, online junking! No dust, minimum time and guaranteed findings. Someone else has done the work, the fun is yours for the having. (that sounded right when I first thought it, now I’m not so sure, but you know what I mean)



Have a great Friday.