How’s that for a Valentine greeting? ‘Will you be my Valentine? Answer “yes” or “no” and make it snappy’  Found this last year and had to have it. I hope she said NO!


A few little pieces of old quilt and other bits ‘n bobs. These were fun. I think I”ll incoorporate them into a collage with two mini quilts, white and cream. Maybe a slice of tourquoise, if I can find something the same as in the hearts. Yes, that sounds good.

First I need to work on one of my To Do list items. I’ve been spinning my wheels the last three days. Trying to force a project that refuses to be forced. I thought it would work but…I do believe I was mistaken. I’ll let it rest and take a different approach later. But I so dislike feeling that the last three days were for naught. Whine and groan. I know, get over it. Later.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!