That’s right, it’s my #100 post. For me that’s saying alot, literally, I don’t talk much. So, to celebrate I’m having a little giveaway of things I’ve found.


A little list: sheet music, lace, 2 old quilt hearts with words, cigar silk, 2 mini quilt ufos, piece of WWII map, an old receipt paper, and words ready to play with, lovely wonderful words. I had wanted to offer my new pattern but it isn’t here yet. Suppose I could still offer, the winner would just have to wait for it. That sounds fine. Are you game?

Okay, so here’s what ya do. Email me before Monday with your name. It’ll be a random drawing and I’ll announce the winner of the ephemera pile + new pattern on Monday. This is fun, I’ve never had a giveaway before.

Next is what I found in the mailbox, the new Row Robin I’m in. I remembered to talk a picture of it for you. This is Julie’s, she loves orange. I’ve been in a few exchanges with her and I think maybe she can’t sew without orange. Now I don’t have a ton of fabric but I have my share and I didn’t have even one little snippet of fabric that went with this. Guess it’s been a while since I did an exchange with Julie!


She did the baskets and I was going to do Grandmothers Flower Garden but…when I was preparing the hexagons I noticed the star formed when five of them laid just right. So I went with that. It doesn’t look too big here in the photo but just laying on the table here I wondered. I hope the hexagons are small enough, they’re 3/8″. That’s still manageable, 1/4″ is a bit of a struggle and I’m in it for the fun.

Have a great Friday and email your name to win!