I’ve found three things for today. One in my email, on a blog somewhere (I don’t remember where) and in a book. First thing, a students work from a class in 2007. Wendy B. sent this last week, she is also responsible for letting Country Register know about me. I have an article in their current issue. Haven’t been able to find it and see the article but it’s there. Thanks Wendy!!littlerabbit

She made this little rabbit and it’s fully jointed! That amazes me. She made the carrots also. And if you’ll notice the Dresdens, ten petals each. Proof of the versatility of that block. What other block can you leave out pieces and it still works out wonderfully! Love the Dresden.

Second today is  a website, Design Sponge. Do you like to peek into other peoples houses to see how they decorated them? I do and I’ve spent several evenings looking at their sneak peeks and am barely half way through. They also have before and afters on projects and podcasts. Great place to surf around.

And lastly, in ‘Time for Poetry’ I found some silly riddles.

A hill full, a hole full,
Yet you cannot catch a bowl full.
(the mist)
Little Nanny Etticoat
In a white petticoat,
And a red nose;
The longer she stands
The shorter she grows.
(a candle)
Old Mother Twitchett had but one eye,
And a long tail which she let fly;
And every time she went through a gap,
A bit of her tail she left in a trap.

Can you guess that last one? I’ll let you know Monday if no one can. And one more thing. I sent off a book proposal to a real live publisher yesterday (I’ve only self published so far), now I have to wait for a response. Oh I hope, I hope! Wish me luck!

Oops, I was supposed to show you the new pattern. The web photo isn’t ready yet, I’ll shoot for next week.  Sorry ’bout that.

Have a great weekend all.