Sorry gals, don’t know what happened here. I know I published this post on Monday but guess I should have checked it (I thought I did!) better. So…here ya go. Happy…Wednesday.


Today they camped,
by the river
and through the woods.

I know the photo is faded but can you see what the women are wearing? Can you imagine  camping in that? Every step billowing dust under and around the skirt. No thanks.

But I do like the photo. Its from a guys scrapbook. There are pictures of camping, fishing, railroad building, hunting and apparently he brought along a typewriter and took notes on who caught what and when. He was into poetry too. Maybe he’s one of the guys in this photo, I don’t know. There’s no indication of who is who and the only date I found is 1908. Here’s a sampling of his typing.

Monday–Left at 7:30, drove to Gurner. Fished till noon in two small ponds across road from Gurner. Caught four small bass. Went to Slim Lake for afternoon. Fished till 6:30. Rained hard. Total catch 19

Happy Monday.