I will. I promise. Push the publish button this time. I should change last Monday’s Wednesday’s first line to ‘I know I think I published this post on Monday…” I guess that accurately shows my mental state that day, a little frazzled.

But here, today, we have a thrift store find. I found these three hand appliques in shadow box type frames. Wanted the frames, love the appliques. Aren’t they pretty?


And then in my mailbox from the wonderful Wendy B., a little treasure. I put a quarter in there so you can tell how tiny he is. I need to sew a special quilt for him and think of a name. He’s fully jointed and even has a tag on his ear. I’ve wanted one for a while, don’t quite know why, I’m not a stuffed animal person. Must be his size and cuteness.


And lastly, I found another blog to check out. It’s Temecula Quilt Co., they carry my patterns but I didn’t realize they had a blog. Love, love, love the quilts they show. I guess today is their 2nd anniversary. Congrats! Wish I could go there.


Happy Friday to you all. I’m going to go now. And push the button. I am.