Hello all. Today is about a secret place to visit for inspiration. I love my quilt books filled with photos of old quilts but its the same quilts each time I open the book. Go figure. I have the same problem with the fridge. Anyhow, its a constantly changing quilt show, each piece available for viewing only a few days. Guessed yet?? Ebay. Here are a few I came across last night.

This one was interesting because I recognized a few mistakes. Do you see them? The same ones we made in this class, see the bottom photo.



Another shape to try since I’ve been enjoying the hexagons. I’d do these the same way, English paper piecing.

And the fans are interesting with their scalloped top edge. Kind of like a split Dresden petal.




There are many ways to lay out  log cabin blocks but sashing is new to me. If I’ve seen it before I don’t remember. Can never get enough of log cabin quilts.

And lastly, shapes from cutter quilts. I’ve seen these plenty of times but usually they’re all the same shape. Don’t know what I’d do with them, applique to a quilt top I guess. They are cute. I like the bunny rabbits.

So grab a cup of coffee and view a quilt show anytime, any day of the week.


Have a wonderful Friday!