The first I found in the snail mail and the second in my email folder.


First, the restraint. It wasn’t easy. I was going to do five different basket blocks in all sorts of fabrics. Then I looked again at what was already done. Same blocks all in a row with the same fabrics. That’s so hard for me! All the same??? So I did only two different baskets with the same fabrics for each kind. And they had to slant because on point the row would be too big. I got to meet Nansi (the original owner) down at the Tri-Cities Quilt Show last weekend. She was working on a Grandmothers Flower Garden…1/4″ hexagons. She even drives a tiny car.

Now the rejection. Ugh, I don’t like this stuff. They said no to my book. What they do is project how many of the book they could sell, and the number they projected for my book is under the number they require, by half. Bummer. I’m a narrow market. Narrow, thin. This is one time I’d like to be wider. So, that’s it for that. I’ll probably pitch it to another  publisher 561finalonce I do more research.561close


Let’s end on a pleasant note. See the 1 3/4″ bear paw? Had to do a full block after the story book row robin. Its so cute. There’s also a vintage wallpaper and key, broken piece of an old frame, lace, pins and partial lyrics of “Have Thine Own Way”

I’m in Forks, WA this weekend at their quilt show, then onto Astoria to visit a friend. Her daughter just read one of the Twilight books so I need to find a souvenir while I’m at the home of the Twilight series. This is a small-l-l town, just over 3000 people. I plan on taking some pictures to share with you Monday. Have a great weekend.