Hello! Are ya surprised to hear from me? I’m getting ready for quilt retreat and was going to prepare a post for husband to publish Friday but decided to surprise you instead. I like fun surprises, don’t you?

Clothes are packed.


Sewing stuffs ready to go.



Gift ready to play in Saturday’s game. (inside is a vintage optometrist collage necklace)


Tomorrow the fun begins. I hope the rest of your week is sunny with at least a little fun. I’ll leave you with a silly riddle and another strange poem.

Runs all day and never walks,
Often murmurs, never talks.
It has a bed but never sleeps,
It has a mouth, but never eats.
What lovely names for girls there are!
There’s Stella like the Evening Star,
And Sylvia like a rustling tree,
And Lola like a melody,
And Flora like a flowery morn,
And Sheila like a field of corn,
And Melusina like the moan
Of water. And there’s Joan, like Joan.
Eleanor Farjeon, Over the Garden Wall 1933

What-t-t? See ya.