Up for a challenge? Found this one in my email but she says to tell my friends so here ya go….calls for submission. There’s a new magazine ‘All Things String’ and another one, I think I mentioned before ‘Art Quilting Studio’ (I have an article in the first issue! Whoo-hoo!) available June 1.

So, I dare you. Read the calls and if something appeals to you…DO IT!  Its fun. There’s anticipation and much waiting, sometimes for months but its free, well, except for postage. That’s cheap excitement!

And now, because I don’t want to steal a picture from Jenny Doh’s blog, here’s a few totally unrelated photos. Have a wonderful Friday and I hope you find something that appeals to you in the calls for submission. Let me know when you get in the magazine!!563web


You never know with a doorbell
Who may be ringing it—
It may be Great Aunt Cynthia
To spend the day and knit;
It may be a peddler with things to sell
(I’ll buy some when I’ older),
Or the grocer’s boy with his apron on
 And a basket on his shoulder;
It may be the old umbrella man
Giving his queer, cracked call,
Or a lady dressed in rustly silk,
 With a card-case and parasol.
Doorbells are like a magic game,
Or the grab bag at a fair—
You never know when you hear one ring
Who may be waiting there!
Rachel Field
Here its usually someone who forgot their key. Have a great weekend!!

P.S. This just came in and thought you might be interested:  a collage store is liquidating and has some things on Esty. Could be good!