We made it in last night, or rather this morning at 1am. The first flight was canceled and the second one the most bumpy I’ve ever been on but we’re here in one piece. This first photo is the view from the hotel room…17 floors up. Yikes. Some beautiful old buildings here.


This is a…neither of us remember what this is called but it’s quilt panels, I don’t even capture the whole thing here. The next photo is a close up. It’s full of signatures. It was out in the foyer area prior to entering the main market room.IMG_2328


Inside all is chaos. Huge boxes and crates everywhere.IMG_2326

Barb and I at the beginning of set up. You’ll see the booth set up tomorrow. Did you notice Barb’s shirt…? It says “Saving Lives… two boobies at a time” :O)IMG_2324And lastly, an adorable purse I saw walking out for the day. See ya!IMG_2336