Okay, a quickie here. I’m tired! Don’t know how much I have for tomorrow. I don’t leave the booth much and most people don’t want you to take pictures so…

The picture of the crowd of women waiting to get in was dark and blurry so just imagine that one. Below is the same shot as yesterday except it all looks pretty now, the carpet is laid down and the trash and crates are gone.


Here’s my booth, smaller this time. Lots of wonderful sunlight in this room.



A close up on “Quilt Sense advice from a quilt“, not on the website yet but soon.

IMG_2344It gives advice like Don’t judge, Go for a picnic, Hang out in the Sun, Find a new angle and several others.

Last spring Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill began a project. A quilt to raffle off for Susan B Komen. She asked several designers to donate a block. I’ll have more info and pictures on that tomorrow. I’m going to go now. Nighty night. (Unplugs computer and collapses on bed)