Okay, first, what I finished with yesterday…Last year Meg Hawkey (Crabapple Hill) asked me if I would like to participate in creating a quilt for donation to “Susan B Koman for the Cure” by sewing one block. I said yes and was thrilled to be asked. I sewed my block last October at retreat and the “Forget Me Not” quilt is finished now! Its making the rounds, first stop quilt market in Pittsburgh,PA. Yea, I got to see it in real life!

Below are photos, the first of the front, the second stylized for a magazine and the last one, I created, at the bottom. You can see the list of designers (how my name is in there I don’t know but its so cool!) , all the blocks up close HERE and also purchase a chance to win it! Good luck!

Front of quilt 2

magazine pix 2Virginia Cole

Okay now, pictures from above…first to the left…(sorry I don’t know how to make it so you can click on the photos and enlarge them)


2 points to whoever can see Deb and I waving to Barb on the skywalk. Now to the right…the camera can’t get the whole width of the room in one shot.


Now, straight down the middle. The first whole Aisle marker thing hanging says 1900, then 1800, etc. This begins at 100 and goes to 2500 (I think). You can’t see either end in this photo. Gives you an idea of how big this is, huh? I don’t even see 1/4 of it but Barb has pretty much walked the whole thing.


So, we’ve been gathering things for you. I have 3 patterns Barb found (one is not newly out but it’s nice), a magazine and a few giveaways from other peoples booths. I’ll even throw in the Buyer’s Guide if the winner wants to see it. To enter comment on my May 11th post. Just leave your name and you’ll have a chance at the quilt market giveaway!

Well, it’s 10:02 pm, gotta get up at 6:30 am so…gotta go. See ya tomorrow.