Here it is, well, most of it. The Buyer’s Guide and floorplan for market, 3 patterns and a magazine. There are a few other things I forgot to put in the photo, giveaway trinkets from other booths. One of the patterns is from Lori Smith and the other two are Button Stitch Designs (go to their websites to see them better).


I used a random number generator, the randomness  comes from atmospheric noise (whatever) they say. The winner is…drum roll…Karen Schaefer!! Please send your address so I can ship it all off to you. :o)

Here’s a closer view of the floor plan I thought you might like to see. Deb and I are the highlighted booths kinda in the middle. The big blank area is the Special Exhibits.marketfloorplan

I still have a few things/photos about market I’d like to share but it’ll wait. Still dealing with the market aftermath. Trying to do all the things I said I’d do, be professional and all.

Our days during the show went kinda like this: 6:30 wake up, be at show around 8 am to see other booths and meet other people at my booth doing the same, show opens at 9 am, show ends at 6 pm, struggle to find decent food at decent price, go back to hotel around 7 :30 pm, paperwork and notes (try to remember everything you saw and said) til 9 pm and then blog til 10 pm, fall into bed and sleep if I’m lucky. Begin again. It’s draining and exhilarating all at the same time.

See ya.