The last of the market photos. There was a special exhibit which Barb walked around and saw. This one photo seemed so 3D to me. She says the flower is a photo, it seems to bloom out of the quilt doesn’t it?floral

Before we left Pittsburgh we went for a short walk to two beautiful churches, these windows were my favorite part. church

Then we took what Barb called “senior pictures”.



This is the THE END photo of the booth. All packed up and ready to go home.theend

And finally, what you actually came here for, miniature quilt art. The color seems way off on my monitor, the pinks are not that intense.564

The rains of spring
which hang to the branches
of the green willow
look like pearls upon a string.

Someone asked what last Monday’s art said:

Her face is fair
her heart is true;
as spotless as she’s bonie, O,
the op’ning gowan,
wat wi’ dew,
Nae purer is than Nanie, O.

Have a wonderful Monday.